Kanoko Tamura

Performing artist
Butoh, Dance,
Hermonic voice, Modeling

Artistic statement

Having lived in various countries and experienced different cultures
from a young age, I am inspired by my interactions with people who have different ways of thinking and living.
This inspiration not only comes from the positives of such interations but also the negatives such as social isolation, tension and racism.
My early experiences of these made me think a lot about the differences between myself and the others.
I began to think about what identity is, who I am, and how I want to live.
I use improvisation to express my inner conflicts,
doubts and the true desire of my soul through body and voice. I want
to be very honest and authentic in my expression, not dependant only on technique.
I would be greatly happy if a person feels an emotional connection to my art rather than trying to simply interpret its meaning.
The heartcan sometimes reveal more truth than the mind.


Born in the dense, crowded metropolis of Tokyo in 1980, while still a child, my family moved to the forests of Nagano where I grew up in a quiet, nature-filled environment. At the age of 18 while studying abroad in Scotland, I was greatly shocked by the huge difference in both the culture and the way of thinking compared with Japan. This was the start of my continued fascination with the world and its cultures, leading me to live in England, New Zealand, Austria, Thailand and Spain.
In 2001, I started contemporary dance training in London, England, later continuing my training in Salzburg, Austria. During this time I learned the exsistence of the avant-garde Japanese Butoh dance form through a Slovenian classmate who thought my work bore similarities to the Butoh style. Upon my return to Tokyo a year later, I eventually studied Butoh under Butoh dancer Yukio Waguri.
Between 2011 and 2015, I lived in Thailand, giving birth to two boys. During this time, my artistic performances were restricted to a small number of video works.
I returned to Europe in 2016, moving to Madrid, Spain, where I resumed my career as a performing artist. I learnt harmonic voice from singer Enrique Martinez, which I used to then create my own unique style - a combination of harmonic voice and authentic body expression influenced by contemporary dance and butoh techniques.

Performance and Project

  • 2020

    Project for Danceme app supported by European Union

  • 2019

    Project with Paola Ponti

    Contributed solo dance video "ji" created myself at WAM dance festival

  • 2017

    Project with Inez Lopez "Full of herself"

    Directed by Ines Lopez
    Performed in Brussels, Belgium
    Residency in Portugal

  • 2012-2013

    Project with Paola Ponti

    video contribution solo created myself "Mactub" WAM festival, Faenza, Italy

  • 2011

    Performed the piece "Nikutai no Meikyu" choreographed by Yukio Waguri at Nippori sunny hall, Tokyo


The performance video "JI-time , myself" have been
Short listed for the summer exhibition Royal academy of Art in the U.K. 2020
Selelcted as the 18 finalists by YICCA International contemporary art contest 2020


Collaboration with Japanese fachion label "blablahospital"